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Custody battles can be long and difficult. However, they usually only occur between parents. Therefore, many people aren’t aware that grandparents have custody rights in Colorado. But in reality, a grandparent does have some custody and visitation rights for their grandchildren. A grandparents’ rights lawyer can help you get the custody you deserve. In addition, custody may affect your grandchild’s well-being and quality of life. Because of this, if you believe that you have a reason to file for custody of your grandchildren, you need to hire an attorney.

Before you can assert grandparent’s rights in Colorado, you need to meet one of few requirements. The first way you can do that is through visitation rights. First, your grandchild’s parents must be divorced or legally separated. Or, someone who isn’t a birth parent must have custody of your grandchild. Finally, if one of your grandchild’s parents is deceased, you can also file for grandparents’ rights. If one of these is true and the court says that the child will benefit from grandparents’ visitation, the court may grant you visitation rights.

In addition, you may file for full custody of your grandson or granddaughter. However, this is a little more difficult. For example, if the state has removed your grandchild from their parents’ home, you may have a custody claim. In addition, if you have provided physical and financial care to your grandchild, you may file for custody.

However, in order to gain custody of your grandchild, you need to file the proper paperwork. In addition, there are some crucial deadlines to meet. Finally, you’ll need to negotiate with lawyers and judges. As a result, it’s a good idea to retain a grandparents’ rights attorney. The Vargas Law Firm is one of the premier grandparents’ rights law firms in the front range. Therefore, you can trust us to help you get custody of your grandchildren.

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