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They say that money makes the world go ‘round. But it’s not just money – it’s credit. It can be difficult to collect on a debt. You may even have your ducks in a row. For example, you have a credit agreement. You have a personal guaranty. However, it’s been months and your debtor still won’t pay. As a result, you need to make your debtor settle. But you can’t do it alone. Therefore, you need to hire an attorney for debt settlement. A debt settlement lawyer can help you use the law to your advantage. Because of this, a debt settlement attorney is a good ally to have if you need to collect a debt.

There are a few different factors that can help you collect on a debt. First, it’s helpful to have certain documents drafted before you even offer a line of credit. For example, making a debtor sign a promissory note, credit agreement, or personal guaranty will help a debt settlement lawyer collect your debt. You can apply this tactic to a number of different situations, including collecting on mortgages, car payments, unpaid rent, or dues for an HOA or other association.

At the Vargas Law Firm, we’re elite debt settlement attorneys. Our founder, attorney Erica Vargas, is a debt settlement attorney with more than a decade of experience. She’s helped clients large and small solve their credit issues. In addition, she is committed to providing her clients with the best level of legal service in the Front Range. Because of this, she treats all of her clients equally. Therefore, the Vargas Law Firm is a superlative debt settlement law firms in the Colorado Front Range. Don’t let your debtor issues get out of control. Call today to schedule your consultation and see what your case may be worth.

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